One of the major attractions of the city, Chhatri Bagh houses chhatris or cenotaphs that are memorial canopies built in the memory of the Holkar rulers. Erected on the banks of Khan river, the cenotaphs are a magnificent work of art that represent Maratha architecture and sculpting. They are dome-shaped and have a pyramidical spire on the top. The cenotaph of Malhar Rao Holkar I (1693-1766), the founder of Holkar Dynasty is the largest and has been decorated with frescoes. In the second compound lies the cenotaph of Queen Ahilyabai (1725-1795) beside the beautiful Bolia's Sarkars Chhatri. These chhatris are made on the burial sites of the Holkars. Evenings at Chhatri Bagh are blissful when the cenotaphs are beautifully illuminated and visitors can take a peaceful boat ride in the calm waters of the artificial lake situated in the park.

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