The quaint and tiny village of Andro, on the outskirts of Imphal, is home to a one-of-its-kind museum called the Mutua Bahadur Museum. It has not been constructed like usual museums with a concrete building housing various sections. But thatched huts and houses built in traditional style are used to house the museum. Tourists can find a fine selection of traditional artefacts, including pottery, coins, manuscripts, paintings, bell metal objects, jewellery, wood carving and a range of ethnic handicraft items. The different houses constructed by the various tribes of Manipur including poumai, kabui, meitei, kuki and tangkhul are also replicated at this museum. The 34 recognised tribes of the state find representation in the form of dolls at the Doll’s House. The wooden carvings and traditional paintings on display provide a deeper insight into the rich cultural heritage of Manipur as well as the myths and legends related to its people.

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