A series of seven waterfalls, arranged sideways on a cliff, the Seven Sisters Waterfall is one of the most beautiful sites in the Northeast. It can be seen in three distinct tiers, very clearly distinguishable from a distance. You can only view four of the seven falls from the bottom, since the other three are much higher up. A small footbridge wounds its way across the stream and tourists can enjoy the refreshing sight at close quarters.The place is particularly attractive during monsoon (in the months of June and July) when the falls are imbued with an overpowering flow, gushing over the rugged rock wall. The streaming water hits the limestones underneath, sounding almost like thunder. The place is a photographer's dream, and makes for a quaint picnic spot for families.

In order to ingratiate the falls to tourists, the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department has constructed a small shed and cafeteria for people to stop for a longer time and take pictures of this natural wonder. 

This gorgeous waterfall is located 32 km from Gangtok on the North Sikkim Highway, on the way to Lachung. 

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