Set amidst forested hills, Lingdum (also known as Ranka) Monastery is an example of sacred Tibetan architecture, located 12 km away from Gangtok. Adorned with exquisite murals, and statues, along with an impressive edifice, the site has been the shooting spot for several Bollywood films. Lingdum follows the Zurmang Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. 

What catches the visitor's eye is the monastery's apex, carved with parasols, finials and pagoda roofs over a vast courtyard, where the younger monks are trained. The senior monks keep an eye on the activities of the monastery from the balconies of the second floor. A gigantic statue of Lord Buddha, with a height of five meter, sits at the end of the prayer hall, where monks sit in rows reading their prayer books. The walls of the hall display hand paintings, with thangkas hanging from them. The monastery also has a retreat centre on a hillock behind it, where the monks retire to meditate. 

Visitors can move freely about the location, and interact and take pictures with friendly monks. You can also grab a bite to eat at the cafeteria, which serves delicious Chinese, North Indian and Tibetan fare. 

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