A high altitude lake that resembles an elephant, Kupup Lake is one of the delights of Gangtok, and is a stop on the Silk Route tour. Also known as the Elephant Lake, it is situated at a height of 13,066 ft on the way to Jelep la Pass, bordering India and China. The right side of the lake looks like the trunk of an elephant, while the left resembles the animal's tail. Locally, the lake is recognised as Bitan Cho. 

A stunning valley holds the lake at its center, and the small village of Kupup is the nearest attraction to the lake. Another fascinating reason to visit here is the Yak Golf Course, an 18-hole course, which is the highest of its kind in the world at about 13,025 ft. It has been affiliated with the Indian Golf Union since 1985, and has even earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

While from January to May, the lake freezes over, from October to December, it is partly covered with a sheet of ice. But during the spring months, the valley and shores of the lake are in full bloom, with colourful flowers adorning every surface. 

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