This has been built in honour of Sepoy Harbhajan Singh of the 23rd Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army, who went missing in 1968, while leading a pack of mules from his battalion stationed at Tukla to Deng Dhukla, both remote areas located in East Sikkim. 

During the manhunt that followed, the army found his body in three days and it is believed that Baba himself led the people to it. Many soldiers in the regiment later reported that Baba had been appearing in their dreams and asking them to make a shrine in his memory. Thus, a samadhi has been built there and it is believed that Baba visits it every night, puts on his uniform and does his rounds. They sentries often find his bedsheets crumpled in the morning, and his previously clean shoes dirty by evening. 

So strong is the army’s belief that Harbhajan is still with them that during what would have been his annual leave, two soldiers take his old uniform to Siliguri, and then to a train bound for his hometown in Punjab. Even his salary is sent to his home till this day. Many soldiers are known to stop here and offer a quick prayer before making their way up the mountain. 

This temple lies about 64 km from Gangtok and is at a height of 4,000 m. Over the years, the temple has become a place of pilgrimage, visited by a number of devotees who pray to the large photo of Harbhajan, and leave a bottle of drinking water in front of it. It is said that if you come back to collect and then drink this water, your wishes will be fulfilled. 

Now, tourists generally visit the New Baba Mandir, since the original one with Harbhajan’s bunker is located further up near Nathang Valley, and is very difficult to access. The new temple, built in 1982, is conveniently located at the junction of the road leading to Kupup Lake and Nathang Valley, on the route to Menmecho Lake.

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