A major fruit garden, where the practices of fruit growing were rampant until 1940, Saramsa Garden lies about 14 km from Gangtok. It makes for an idyllic picnic and recreation spot, owing to its lush landscape. Today, you can come across beautiful varieties of flowering plants, including orchids. Most of the plants here were introduced between 1975 and 1980; forest manager Rai Saheb Bhim Bahadur Pradhan also brought some species of trees like orange, banana, guava, lychee and pineapple, to the garden. 

In order to make the gardens a popular tourist attraction, several benches and viewing arenas have been set up at different points. There are also mini pools and mini foot bridges, with a viewing area at the northern end of the garden that allows you to gaze at River Rani flowing through the ravine far below. 

Saramsa Garden was established in 1922 by the Sikkim Forest Department to grow fruits for the Namgyals, the erstwhile royal family, as well as the British officers residing in the area at the time. Today, the garden is also known as the Ipeca Garden, named after a medicinal plant, Cephaelis ipecacuanha, which was grown in it. It was brought from Malaysia and was used to produce Emetine, a powerful alkaloid that is utilised extensively in medical research. 

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