The ropeway in Darjeeling, also known as Rangeet Valley Cable Car Project, stretches between Singamari and Singla Bazaar. It was initiated in 1968, making it one of the oldest in the country; over the years, several amendments have been made to the original structure to meet the modern-day safety standards. It is located at North Point, about 3 km north of the town.


Initially, the ropeway was set up with the sole purpose of moving tea and other supplies between the tea gardens and the towns further up the hill. The cable car provided easy and cost-effective access to the tea pickers to essentials. Now, however, the cable car has turned into an attraction that every tourist wants to experience.


Unlike other ropeways, this one descends (rather than ascends) from a height of 7,000 ft to 800 ft, affording you a panorama of River Rangeet gushing through the valley (hence its name), and tea pickers sporting bamboo baskets collecting fresh leaves in the jade tea plantations. Even on a cloudy day, when the mountains are partly shrouded by a cool mist, the splendour of the place is unmatched.


Passengers can board the cable car at Singamari, which is approximately 3 km away from Darjeeling's Chowk Bazaar, and get off at Tukvar. The whole journey takes about half an hour.

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