With white sandy beaches and glorious waterfalls, Little Andaman Island, located south of the South Andaman Island, lies about 120 km from Port Blair, the capital of the territory. It belongs to the Little Andaman Group and the Duncan Passage separates it from Rutland Archipelago in Great Andaman. Hutbay in Little Andaman, which is the island’s headquarter, is also the entry and exit point for this island. White Surf Waterfall, a cascading milky white sheet of water, about 65 km from Hut Bay Jetty, lies amid the evergreen rainforest and is an ideal picnic spot. Whisper Wave, another waterfall, is about 25 km from the Hutbay Jetty and a trip here includes a trek through the beautiful biodiversity of Andaman’s rainforests. One can either cruise through the island creeks in a boat or opt for an elephant safari. This island is slowly gaining recognition as a surfer’s paradise and there are small resorts that have surf camps, which rent out equipment near Butler Bay Beach, whose waves are ideal for surfing. It is a low lying island with rainforest and rare species of marine turtle. 

Other Attractions in Andaman and Nicobar