The secluded beach of Laxmanpur in Laxmanpur village, lies 2 km north of the Neil Island jetty. The beach is carpeted by white shell sand and has shallow water, making it ideal for snorkeling and studying the coral reef. Visitors can find several corals and sea shells that can be collected as souvenirs scattered across the beach. Sunbathing and swimming are other major activities here. One can also view a spectacular sunset from this beach. A natural rock formation at Laxmanpur Beach is locally known as the Howrah Bridge. The best time to visit the place is during low tide as the retreating sea leaves behind many secrets from its treasure trove.

This is the beach where one can often see fishermen setting sail in their boats to earn their daily living. Laxmanpur Beach is much larger and longer than Bharatpur Beach, located nearby. One should ideally plan a trip between the months of December and May, as the archipelago enjoys pleasant weather during this time.

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