A unique open-air museum that showcases the culture, heritage and traditions of Punjab, Sadda Pind houses a rare collection of artefacts and buildings. Sprawled over 12 acres, the area has been developed as a rustic landscape to portray the village life of Punjab.

From brick and stone houses of goldsmiths, ironsmiths, farmers, potters etc., to those of zamindars (land owner) and the sarpanch (village headman), several constructions aptly show the lifestyle of Punjabi villages. Local artistes perform to traditional melodies all day in the baraat ghar and the village haveli. From bhangra, gidda, kikli and jhumar, there's a lot on display. A must-watch is the performance of gatka, a form of Sikh martial arts. Visitors can also indulge in cooking authentic recipes like makki-di-roti (a bread made from maize) and sarson-ka-saag (a dish prepared with mustard greens). Churning butter and popping popcorn on an open hearth are some of the other unmissable experiences.
Sadda Pind is dotted with kiosks set up by local potters, blacksmiths, weavers and other artisans who display their wares. Some of the best buys include phulkari dupattas, jutis, parandis, musical instruments, clay toys, shawls and agricultural implements.
For an intimate rendezvous with Punjabi culture, where you can connect with your roots and revel in the rich heritage, a visit to Sadda Pind is highly recommended.

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