Spread across 43 acre, this beautiful fort dates back 300 years. Long ago, the world-famous Kohinoor diamond used to be kept inside this fort. The fort was originally built as a mud fortress called Bhagian da Qila by a local chieftain, Gujar Singh Bhangi. The chieftain belonged to a clan called Misls, who ruled the area at that time. The fort was under him for almost 49 years after which Amritsar was ruled by Gurdit S Bhangi, a descendant of Gujjar Singh. Legend has it that a trader, Arur Mal, was asked by the royal family to pay tribute to the Bhangi township. Refusing to do so, he went to a rival town and conspired with Shaikh Kamaluddin and Maharaja Ranjit Singh to invade the fort. Ranjit Singh attacked the city through the Ahluwalia gate and took over the fort.

Since the fort holds great historical prominence, the Government of Punjab has declared it as a historical monument.

Moreover, there are several other constructions within the fort, including Toshakhana and Khas Mahal, along with bastions, moats, wells and havelis built during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the leader of the Sikh empire. There are several remnants of the British rule as well, including the Durbar Hall and the Anglo Sikh Bungalow. One will also find a bell, which was made in Sheffield, the UK. 

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