A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Thousand Pillar Temple is among the oldest temples of South India. It has been beautifully and elaborately built with 1,000 intricately carved pillars that are so close-knit that they almost look like a wall around the temple. It is said that it took nearly 72 years to build this architectural marvel. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Surya and Lord Vishnu, this temple is one of the best examples of Kakatiya art and architecture. Its structure resembles the shape of a star and houses three major shrines, known as Trikutalayam. There are many sculptures within the premises that depict scenes from ancient epics. At the entrance of the shrine of Lord Shiva, is a huge carving of Nandi, the divine bull mount of Lord Shiva, made of black basalt rock. The temple was built in 1163 AD by Kakatiya king Rudra Dev.

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