Dotted with grand forts, ancient and magnificent temples, serene lakes and lush green sanctuaries teeming with wildlife, Warangal, in Telangana, is a scenic getaway. Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Thousand Pillar Temple, which is a spectacular example of Kakatiya art and architecture, the city carries many legacies from its golden time as the capital of the Kakatiya kingdom (12th -14th centuries).

While the Warangal Fort remains the centrepiece of the city with its amalgamation of beautiful arches and intricate geometrical detailing, there are many temples that are fine specimens of South Indian architecture. The picturesque city is also famed for hosting a nine-day-long annual floral festival called Bathukamma. Warangal's close proximity to beautiful natural sites like the Bogotha

Waterfalls and the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, make it an ideal launchpad to explore nearby tourist destinations.

The original name of Warangal was Orugallu, which means one stone as it is believed that it was carved out of a single rock.