Mats and baskets made from bamboo, cane, reeds, fibres and grass or jewellery, pottery, stone carvings and metalware make for interesting buys and souvenirs to carry back home. Tourists can also shop at government-run emporia, or visit Big Bazaar Road and Chinnar Bazaar. Tiruchirappalli is also noted for its Chola bronze statues. The most popular image in Chola bronze statues is Nataraja or the dancing Lord Shiva, who was the presiding deity of the Cholas. The image of Somaskanda, where the lord is seen sitting with Uma, his consort, and Skanda, his son, is also quite popular. Tourists can also shop for the world-famous Trichinopoly cigars that are known for their unique blend of Indian tobacco. It is said that they were a particular favourite of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Other Attractions in Tiruchirapalli