Located near Tiruchirappalli Fort Railway Station, the tomb of Muslim cleric Babbayya Nadir Shah stands in the Nadir Shah Dargah mosque complex. The mosque has a very attractive and colourful facade and draws devotees from around the area. It commemorates the life and times of Nadir Shah, a Muslim mystic and preacher from the Middle East, who migrated to Tamil Nadu in the 11th century, where he travelled from area to area to preach the faith of Islam to the locals. The entire area is specially decorated during the first 17 days of Ramadan to honour Babbayya Nadir Shah as he is believed to have passed away on the 15th day of the holy month of Ramadan. A special Urs Mela is also celebrated to mark the date and is attended by hundreds of devotees, who flock to the dargah to pay their respects.

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