Located in the periphery of the city, Narthamalai is a small cluster of hills that is speckled  with ancient stone structures, constructed by the Mutharaiyar dynasty (600-900 CE). The main attraction is the Narthamalai Temple that boasts six finely engraved statues of Lord Vishnu that are housed in the central hall. Another noteworthy site is a cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that was built by the Pallavas in the 9th century. Aluruttimalai, a natural cavern, is known for its polished stone beds and Jain vestiges while Kadambar Temple is noted for its architectural beauty. The living temple of Mariamman is also a must-visit. The entire region is testament to the prosperous times during the Chola and Pallava era when the Narthamalai region was a sprawling centre for trade and commerce in the region.

Other Attractions in Tiruchirapalli