Lying about 85 km from the city, Nagore is a popular pilgrimage centre for Muslims. A dargah, dedicated to the 16th-century saint Hazarat Meeran Sultan Syed Shahabdul Hameed, standing tall at 124 ft, is the main attraction. It is also known as Periya Minara and has four entrances. Noted for its impressive carvings, five spires and lavish marble interiors, the dargah is an architectural treat. Don't miss the huge doors covered with embroidered silver sheets! Literature reveals that Periya Minara had been built by King Pratap Singh, around 1760 AD, about 200 years after the death of Hameed Sahib. A large tank lies behind the dargah and an annual Kandoori festival is also held here. The region of Nagore houses two Hindu temples as well, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu each. Another attraction of the city is the Seeralamman Temple.

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