Housed within the majestic Thanjavur Palace, Art Gallery displays an exotic collection of bronze icons. The gallery is divided into three sections: Pooja Mahal, Indira Mandir and Rama Chowdam Hall. On display across three sections are a selection of exquisite glass paintings of Thanjavur covered in gold sheets, pearls and other gems that were a donation by royalty. These stone sculptures, bronze icons and pieces of art are a priceless part of Thanjavur's culture and history. A large proportion of the displays is representations of Hindu gods, goddesses and scenes from mythology. The gallery's collection is a testimony of the golden age of Thanjavur's royalty. Examples of art seen at the gallery largely range between the Chola period from 9th to 13th century AD and the Nayak period from 17th to the 18th century AD. There are also a few sculptures from the Pallava period (275 � 895 CE).