A traditional Gujarati thali includes dishes like rotli, which is a home-made bread, kadhi or a thick gravy made of chickpea flour, rice and shak or sabzi, which is prepared with varied combinations of vegetables and spices. For people with a sweet tooth, a Gujarati thali has sweet dishes like jalebis (a syrupy sweet) and mohanthal, a traditional sweet dish with the rich flavour of gram flour roasted in ghee (clarified butter). While some of these dishes are stir fried, others are boiled. A combination of different spices and flavours makes Gujarati dishes truly delicious. The Gujarati thali meal is based on the use of yoghurt and gram flour. The concept of Gujarati thali is based on the principle of nourishment and lightness that complement one's profession of sitting and working for long hours. The sweet dishes in a Guajrati thali are used to create an appetite while the sour dishes help in digesting the meal. The best part about a traditional Gujarati thali is the presence of the popular dhokla, a steamed cake-like snack that is both light and filling at the same time. Tourists visiting Silvassa should definitely try out a nice traditional Gujarati thali for an unforgettable experience.