One of the wettest places on earth, Cherrapunjee or Cherrapunji lies at an elevation of 4,500 ft. This stunning location is set amidst misty valleys, foaming rivers and swirling clouds. Its pristine beauty and perpetual mists make it one of the top tourist stopovers in the city. The name 'Cherrapunjee' means land of oranges, and it was first used by tourists visiting from other parts of the country. 

This place has only one season - monsoon. The rainfall varies from light to medium to heavy but it rains all year round. Interestingly, it rains mostly at night and day activities are not disrupted by the weather.

The heaviest rainfall is mostly from May to September and during this time Cherrapunjee becomes a sea of tiny rivulets. One can savour the staccato of raindrops hitting the rooftops and get lost in the melodious music of rain unique to the northeastern states of India.

After the heavy downpour relents, the flora of the place acquires soft pastel hues and the grey skies get beautiful rainbow colours.

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