Baghmara lies at a distance of about 280 km from the city of Shillong. It is the headquarters of the South Garo Hills district, lying in the southern part of Meghalaya. It is the only town in the district and makes for an interesting exploration site. Rich in flora and fauna, Baghmara is enveloped by rivers, hills and lakes, and visitors would be awed by the pristine beauty of the landscape.

Legend has it that the town was originally called Barokar and got renamed Baghmara (bagh: tiger and mara: killed) when Bong Laskar, a militiaman, killed a tiger by crushing its jaw. 

One has to cross Baghmara to go to the famous Siju Cave, which is said to the third-longest cave system in India. Another attraction nearby is Baghmara Reserve Forest, which is popular for sightings of elephants, langurs and birds.

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