Built around 1880, the Kanhaiyalal Bagla Haveli is a gorgeous structure that boasts intricate lattice-work. Lying to the south of the main bazaar, it has the finest architecture in all of Shekhawati. The mural paintings and wall paintings tell love stories of Dhola - Maru, a couple from the folk tales who fled on their camel. One can also see paintings showing the evil Umrah-Sumra, Sassi and Punu chasing after them on horseback. As per the tale, Dhola was a prince and Maru was a princess and the two were married when they were toddlers. However, when Dhola's father died, the young prince got engrossed with taking control of his kingdom. As he grew older, he forgot Maru and married another. When he heard a folk song made by Maru, he remembered his beloved and set on a steed to bring her home. However, fate intervened and on the way they had to encounter many problems. At last, the two reached the prince's kingdom and lived happily ever after.


Other attractions nearby include Jama Masjid and a small haveli.

Other Attractions In Shekhawati