Known for its mesmerising shifting sand dunes, the small city of Churu is the gateway to the Thar desert. Dotted with grand havelis that boast 50-100 rooms, adorned with intricate fresco paintings, interestingly, Churu has no royal history. These havelis were homes of rich and prosperous merchants, who inhabited the area. The paintings in the havelis are a reflection of the owner's lifestyles, or a depiction of the fashion of that time, like travelling in a car or a train. You can almost feel the past knocking at the door, such is the beauty of the paintings, which appear as bright as if they were painted yesterday. The doors of the havelis are also intricately designed and one can spend an entire day admiring them as no two of them are alike. Churu provides a beautiful landscape, where the skyline bursts with colours during sunset on one side, and the moon peeps out of the water on the other.


Founded in 1620 AD by the Nirban clan of Rajputs, Churu connects Pali to Ambala. It is also a religious seat of the Nath sect of Sadhus, who worship the marble statues of their deities. Other places of attraction include a 400-year-old fort, which is located at the centre of the city. Mantri Haveli is yet another noteworthy spot to visit in the area. Churu is also noted for chhatris ( elevated dome-shaped pavilions). With a large number of women engaged in hand embroidery, one can get a plethora of handmade products that reflect the cultural ethos of the region. Shekhawati was a part of Bikaner before independence and has beautiful temples of Salasar Balaji and Babosa Maharaj.

Other Attractions In Shekhawati