The Gundicha Temple stands in the midst of a garden, just 3 km from the Jagannath Temple. Located on Bada Danda (Grand Road), on which the famous Rath Yatra (chariot procession) takes place, the temple is named after Gundicha, the queen of Indradyumna, who commissioned the temple. It sees a lot of activity during the Rath Yatra festival every year. Known by many names like the Garden House of Jagannath or Gods Summer Garden Retreat, Gundicha Temple is said to be the Vrindavan of Puri. It serves as the temporary home of Lord Jagannath during the Rath Yatra. Built in the traditional Kalinga style of architecture, Gundicha's facade is extremely beautiful, thanks to the light grey sandstone that was used to construct it. The temple also houses a seat called 'Ratnavedi', which is 4 ft high. During major festivals, idols are placed on this seat. The temple has two entrance gates: the main gate in west and the Nakuchana gate in the east. During festivals, deities enter through the former and exit via the latter.

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