The small town of Gopalpur lies about 16 km Berhampur and 173 km from Puri. It is a popular beach resort of Odisha whose inviting clear and blue waters lure visitors from all over the country. Lying on the Bay of Bengal, it is an attractive stopover for beachcombers and sea worshippers. Sunrises and sunsets are stunning sights at this beach. Adventure junkies can try their hand at surfing and sailing to explore spots untouched by humans. Popularly regarded as a sailor's paradise, in ancient times this beach served as an important port for the seafarers of Kalinga. Even during WWI it was an important military port from where soldiers embarked on journeys to Burma (now Myanmar). It was here that the first ever modern hotel was built in Odisha in 1914. The beach is lined with casuarina groves and is one of the cleanest in India. Even though the sea is too rough to go swimming, there are plenty of other activities that can be enjoyed. You can take a quiet stroll and soak in the sights of the beach or roam around the town to look at beautiful old buildings; seafood lovers will find plenty of food joints to indulge themselves and courtesy the Kalinga Divers Association, there are boating and water sports facilities available as well.

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