Sakhigopal is a quaint village, located about 19 km north of Puri. It is home to one of the most renowned temples of Lord Krishna, and many believe that a pilgrimage to Puri is incomplete without a visit to this temple. The temple of Sakhigopal is 60 ft high and houses an image of Sri Krishna and Goddess Radha. The temple is surrounded by Brahmin settlements and attracts thousands every year, who come to see Radha Pada (feet of Radha). Literally translating to friend of Gopal, the village settlement holds a larger than life celebration annually for the Anla Navami. Visitors particularly flock to Sakhigopal during festivals like Dol Purnima, Chandan Yatra and Kartik Purnima. Sakhigopal is also a hub for the coconut industry in Odisha.

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