The forts of Lohagad and Visapur are hilltop forts that used to guard the trade route going through Bor Ghat (now Khandala Ghat), from the Arabian Sea to the Deccan region. Connected by gaymukh – a kol or sharp-edged ridge, the forts are a must-visit for those who wish to understand the military arrangements of that time, or those who simply want to explore the glory of the olden days. The Visapur Fort was built by Balaji Vishwanath, the Maratha empire’s foremost Peshwa, in 1713-1720. Caves, water cisterns, a decorated arch and several houses can be seen inside the fort. Moreover, tourists can look at various iron cannons and guns, which were disabled by the British. The mountain on which this fort has been built is also home to the 22 Bhaja caves that were built way back in 200 BC. Other attractions that one can visit nearby include Karla Caves and Pawna Lake.

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