This temple is the only Ganesha shrine in India that holds the distinction of being carved into a cave. It is said that the Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata, in the 13th year of their exile, created these caves in one night! Located in the hills of Junnar near Pune, the Lenyadri caves have the Girijatmaj Ganesh (presiding deity), carved on the cave wall that can only be seen from the rear. It is anointed with red vermillion or sindoor. It is one of the ashtavinayakas or eight Ganeshas of the state of Maharashtra.

There are 338 steps to be climbed to reach Lenyadri. You will reach a rock-cut cave with eight carved pillars at the entrance. Lions and elephants adorn each pillar and there is a big hall nearby. The south-facing cave has 18 niches towards the right of the sanctum. This is where the Ganesha carving is present. The caves have a number of water tanks that are filled to the brim throughout the year with clean, cool water, offering a respite to the tired, thirsty pilgrims who come here.

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