The temple at Mailam, situated 30 km from Puducherry atop a hillock on the Coromandel Coast, is worth a visit. It was built by Pommayapuram Mathadipathi and is dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is intrinsically connected with the Bomayapalaiyam village, where a Veera Saiva mutt is located.

The story of the temple revolves around the end of the atrocious rule of the demon, Surapadma, who appealed to Lord Muruga to take him as his mount. In order to accept his request, Muruga asked the demon to do penance in the form of a peacock, and meditate on the bank of River Varaha. Demon Surapadma later appealed to Muruga to let him stay there forever. A large number of devotees gather here when the Panguni Uthiram Festival is organised during March-April every year.

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