Being a port city, Puducherry was and still is an important centre for maritime trade. Ancient ports along its coast recite narratives of a time when commerce emerged, and commercial trading began in earnest. One such port is the ancient Roman trade centre of Arikamedu, 4 km south of Puducherry, and dating back to the second century BC. The Romans, the French and the Cholas have inhabited this city at some point in time and all left their mark on it.


The fishing colony of Arikamedu was used as a port to trade with Greco-Romans and Romans between 200 BC and 200 AD. Evidence of inland business with other megalithic sites like Musiri, Suttukeni, Kaveripattinam and Alagankulam, on the river valley routes, have also been found here. The designated bishop of Adran, Monsieur Pigneau de Behaine built a seminary and residence between 1771 and 1773 on a mount here for the Jesuit missionaries who were being driven out of Siam. However, it was abandoned in 1783. The perpendicular walls and the mission house is all what one gets to see now.

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