One of the most revered sites in the state of Gujarat, Sudama Mandir is the only temple in India to be dedicated to the childhood friend and devotee of Lord Krishna, Sudama. The temple's architecture is simple yet imposing. Open from all sides, the structure has been built in white marble and boasts intricately carved pillars. Their arches are beautifully decorated with finely detailed carvings. The shikhara (spire) has been designed with detailed carvings while the black and white chequered floors are in contrast with the marble structure of the temple. The temple complex is surrounded by a well-maintained garden and houses a small stepwell and a smaller temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. A statue of Ram Devji Jethwa, the ruler of the Jethwa dynasty, under whose guidance the temple was constructed, is also present inside the temple. It is visited by thousands of devotees, especially newly married Rajasthani Kshatriya couples to receive blessings from the presiding deity. Built in 1902, the temple still stands as a significant site of Porbandar. It is said that when the temple was being constructed, special plays were staged to collect funds for its construction and donations were taken from the rich traders of Porbandar.

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