Skirting the small town of Pahalgam, the very beautiful Lidder river gushes through a lush landscape with a backdrop of the snow-capped Pir Panjal mountain range. Flowing through the Lidder valley, which has been named after it, the glacial and picturesque Lidder river is said to be one of the tributaries of the mighty Indus river. Tracing the course of the river, one can explore the wondrous sights of the landscape of Pahalgam. The crystal-clear waters of the river are also home to various species of fish that make for enchanting sights diving into the water again and again. Visitors like to picnic on its banks and drink in the surrounding ethereal sights. One can indulge in various water sports here like fishing, angling, whitewater rafting and horse riding.

The river has two tributaries-- Lidder East, flowing from Sheshnag Lake, and Lidder West, flowing from Kolahoi glacier. The tributaries merge in a flat and broad stretch next to the town. The river is also the main source of water for Anantnag region that can only be accessed by trekking.

Other Attractions in Pahalgam