Protected by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department, the Western Catchment is a grassland area where the lower points of valleys are covered in sholas. From the topmost point, one can look at a mesmerising carpet of green spotted with myriad hues. Located 20 km away from the Parsons Valley, the catchment has rolling hills dotted with shola trees and gushing streams, and a beautiful lake-like reservoir called Portimund Lake. This is an ideal spot for just strolling around and taking in the sights.

While here, one can also spot the Nilgiri tahrs, sambars and mongoose in their natural habitat. To visit this extremely beautiful spot, one needs to take permission from the Forest Department as visitors aren't allowed to freely access the area. A lot of regional films were once shot here, but in keeping with the idea of environmental protection, permission is no longer granted for such documentations.

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