Travel 28 km from Ootacamund, past the Emerald Lake and its thick forests, and reach this extremely pretty sight to spend a relaxing day. Avalanche Lake lies on the way from Upper-Bhavani to Ootacamund. The journey itself is filled with gorgeous sights and is worth the travel. Avalanche Lake is surrounded by a rolling landscape covered with blooming flowers. From the top of the mountain, one can get an eagle's eye view of the entire area. Thanks to the thick foliages, sunlight is a little difficult to come by and the forest area is mostly covered in shadows, inhabited by vast numbers of avifauna. Adventurers can engage in plenty of activities here like trekking, fishing, camping, etc. A trout hatchery has been set up near the lake where one can rent fishing equipment. One can also go rafting across the lake.       

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