Sim's Park, an extremely popular sight in Ootacamund, is spread over 12 hectare of undulated land. The park hosts a plethora of floral species, not commonly found anywhere else in Ootacamund. In the month of May, the park plays host to the annual Fruit and Vegetable Show that attracts tourists in large numbers. This park-cum-botanical-garden also has several species of foliage, brought in from various parts of the world, coinhabiting the space with trees, shrubs and creepers. Two major highlights of the garden are a Rudrakasha ped (bead tree) and a Queensland Kerry pine tree. Adjoining the park are the Pomological Research Station, Silk Worm Seed Station and the Pasteur Institute.

The park was laid out by and named after JD Sim, the then secretary to the Government, and Major Murray, the acting superintendent of the Nilgiri Forests in 1874. Sim's was initially a pleasure resort for the British Government's officers and visitors. Later, it was transformed into an exotic garden.

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