Mahur is part of the Marathwad region in Maharashtra. It is about a four-hour drive away from the city of Nagpur. It is a village that is believed to be the birthplace of Shree Dattatraya, a saint, and the abode of Goddess Renuka. The temple of Shree Kshetra is a little away from the main village. Dedicated to Goddess Renuka, it is believed to be 800 years old and receives a large footfall every year. Newer concrete steps have been constructed at the temple for the convenience of tourists. The traditional offering to the deity is of betel nut, which is quite unique. The village is dotted with a number of old shrines, like the Shree Datta Mandir, Dev Deveshwari Temple, Anusuya Mandir and Sarvateerth. Anusuya mandir is dedicated to the mother of Lord Dattatreya. Another attraction nearby is the remains of the Ramgad Fort.

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