Cascading down a height of 46 m, the delightful Suruli Waterfalls, in Theni district, are like a magical symphony playing in the background of picturesque surroundings. Originating from River Suruli, these two-tier falls are a popular picnic spot for tourists. The first stage of the falls is formed by the waters of Suruli river that starts its journey from the Meghamalai mountain range. It then reaches the point from where the waterfalls descend, dropping into a pool from where they further drop down to another 12 m. The best time to visit Suruli waterfalls is between June and October. Changing rooms and showers have also been set up near the waterfalls. The falls are believed to have curative properties and have been mentioned in one of the greatest epics of Tamil literature, Silappatikaram, written by Ilango Adigal.

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