Held across the region of Ladakh in the month of September every year, the Ladakh Festival is a glorious showcase of the region's tribes, cultures, performing arts, and food. It lasts for about two weeks and starts with a spectacular parade in Leh that features masked dances, folk singing, and representation by all the tribes of Ladakh. The colorful clothing stands out as Turtuk people, Drokpas, the inhabitants of Dah Hanu and scores of others wear their traditional finery and march on in the parade. It is really enthralling to see the floral headgear, intricate silver, and turquoise jewelry, and multi-hued robes of visitors as a sea of people flows through Leh. The many monasteries and villages also join in the fun as they organize cultural events ranging from dance and drama to singing and parades. This annual festival is presented by the state government and is an important time of festivities. For those wishing to experience all of Ladakh's diverse cultures in one place, there can be no better opportunity than the Ladakh Festival.

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