Founded by Mahasiddha Naropa, an Indian Buddhist, Dzongkhul Monastery is a place of rest and meditation. The cave in which Naropa spent time is still located at the site of this monastery. It is said that he struck his hand staff at a rock at this spot which resulted in the founding of this monastery. Many Mahasiddhas of Zanskar like Dubchen Kunga Gyatso, Dubchen Nawang Tsering, Dzadpa Dorje, Karmapa, Kunga Choslag, and lama Norboo have meditated here. The monastery houses important items like image of Samvara, a crystal stupa and religious texts containing biographies and scriptures. There is also a meditation cave, which is said to have Panchen Naropa's footprint that's embedded into a rock along with his sacred spring that is revered to this day.

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