The quaint villages of Dha (or Dah) and Hanu are among the few villages that are home to the ethnic Drogpa tribe of Leh, renowned for their hospitality. They are said to be the descendants of the original Aryan or Indo-European race. These villages are a great way to explore the cultural diversity of the region and a huge pull for photographers, who love to capture portraits and scenery. The tribes have a unique ornamentation style and interesting headgear that makes for great pictures. Dha and Hanu are located in the Brokpa region of Leh and are famously known as the 'Last Aryan Villages of India'.

Legend has it that when Alexander, the conquerer, came to the Indus Valley and then moved on to Beas, he left a few of his clansmen behind who settled down here. Out of a number of Brokpa villages, only these two are open to tourists. Buddhism is the main religion here but locals also offer worship to the animist pantheon of gods. The villages of Dah and Hanu lies about 163 km northwest of Leh and are also known for their cultivation of wine grapes, cherries, walnuts as well as apricots.

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