Situated on the banks of the now unexisting Saraswati river, the temple houses a number of beautiful sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses. This has led experts to believe that this must have been an important site for the worship of Lord Vishnu during the 9th and the 10th centuries. The temple named Prachi, literally meaning east, is named so because of the easterly flow of the Saraswati river, which was also known as Prachi Saraswati.

One can easily spot three stone door frames from the ancient temple that have now been used at the entrances of new Prachi Shiva temple. Two of these arches are significant because they depict the navagraha (nine celestial bodies), the saptamatrikas (seven mothers) and the figures of Goddesses Ganga and Yamuna. There is also an image of Lord Vishnu on the Lalatbimba, which points to the presence of a Vishnu temple here in the past.

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