Constructed by the royal family of the Nabha principality, the Nabha House is a palatial building used by the members of the royal household during their stay in Kurukshetra for religious ceremonies. The grand building was constructed in the 19th century. It is located just opposite the Sannahit Sarovar in Kurukshetra and hence can be easily reached. Standing on a raised platform, the grand building's sides are decorated with mirhabs, or arched niches. The entrance gate is on the eastern side. The structure boasts two beautifully pillared windows (jharokhas) on the second floor.

The base and the top of these pillars flaunt lotus designs. On top of the monument lies a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. It is about 15 foot tall and is built as per the navaratha (nine corners) plan. On its entrance is a wooden door, which is studded with decorative iron nails, representing the Hindu style of architecture. If one comes through the main entrance, one would come into a rectangular courtyard. There is a flight of steps on the southern side of the courtyard that leads to the temple on the second floor.

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