Located on a lush green limestone hill, the Gupteshwar cave shrine of Lord Shiva, is a much-revered pilgrimage site. The shrine is called Gupteshwar, which means the hidden god. It is named so because the temple was hidden in the cave for a very long period. One can reach it by climbing 200 steps flanked with rows of champak trees. The cavernous interior of the temple enshrines a huge lingam and the cave is a multi-chambered structure. Its entrance is about 3 m wide and 2 m high. Inside the second cave, there is a large stalactite that is worshipped as the udder of Lord Kamadhenu (the divine cow).

Devotees wait patiently under it with outstretched palms to collect drops of water that fall only at long intervals. The shrine is visited regularly by people from nearby villages of neighbouring states.

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