Covered with thick forests and dotted by pristine waterfalls and deep valleys, Koraput, in Odisha, is a natural retreat with a languid pace of life. Home to various tribes of the state of Odisha, Koraput showcases the colours of tribal life and a rich folk culture. The region's bustling and lively tribal market is at the heart of Koraput, where one can soak in the vibrant culture of tribes. The popular Jagannath Temple here draws devotees from far and wide. From exploring the natural beauty of Koraput and experiencing energetic festivities to paying obeisance at various temples, this off-beat destination, lying along the Eastern Ghat mountains, offers a lot of variety to travellers.

In ancient times, Koraput was under the rule of tribals, following which it was taken over by the Solar dynasty, whose king Vikram Dev is said to have shifted his capital to Jeypore, about 23 km from Koraput.