Lying about 45 km away from Koraput, Nandapur was the ancient capital of Jeypore kingdom. It attracts visitors for its historical heritage and the famed Batrisa Sinhasana, which is a 32-step, well-preserved relic. It is believed to be linked to the fabled throne of Vikramaditya, a legendary emperor of the Solar dynasty. Major attractions here are a Shiva temple at Papadahandi, an arresting 6 ft red image of Lord Ganesha and the shrine of Bhairavnath. One can also explore other areas of Jeypore that are speckled with old palaces and temples, standing testament to the bygone era. Tourists can take a detour to the Bagra Waterfalls that are a popular picnic spot. Plummeting from a height of 30 ft, Bagra is a group of three waterfalls lying near the Kolab river.

Other Attractions in Koraput