Located around 80 km from Kolhapur, Chandoli National Park is home to tigers, bison, sambars, panthers, leopards, gaurs, deer, barking deer and bears. Chandoli is also a haven for bird watchers as about 123 species of avifauna find shelter here.

Sprawling over a vast area of 300 sq km of lush vegetation, this park is an idyllic natural retreat. It boasts a mix of deciduous forests of the Western Ghats and the moist forests of the Malabar Coast. Some of the trees you can spot are crape myrtle, jamun, pisa, anjani ironwood tree and Indian gooseberry.

Chandoli National Park is a part of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve and �Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. The jungle also houses two prominent forts of the Marathas: Bhairavgad and Prachitgad. The best time to visit the park is between October and February.

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