Spread over an area of 350 sq km, Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous biodiversity hotspots in the state, sitting in the shadow of the Western Ghats. Some of the common species you can find are Indian bison, leopards, giant squirrels, mouse deer, barking deer, tigers and sloth bears. The sanctuary also shelters a variety of bird species like eagles, plovers, owlets, doves, vultures, nightjars and jungle fowl. If youre lucky, you can also come across a Malabar pit viper! The best time to visit the sanctuary is from June to October. Tourists can explore the jungle either through a wildlife safari or by trekking through various narrow trails. Also famous as Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary and Bison Sanctuary, the region was the erstwhile shooting block of Kolhapur maharajas.

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