Rulers in Uttarakhand have favoured the creation of big temples usually made of wood and stones and decorated with intricate carvings. Aipan (colourful patterns) designs mostly add to the beauty of these structures. The statue of the deity is mostly made of metal or stone and adorned with the best clothes and jewellery. The temples in Uttarakhand are majorly made in the Nagara style of architecture or the Garhwali style of architecture, with a striking shikhara (spire). These style of temples usually have a lotus-shaped roof and a projection of a lion standing over the elephant over the lower shikhara. The major dynasties that left their architectural imprints in the region are Katuyari, Pawar, Paun and Chand dynasties. The Kedarnath Temple is a fine example of the architectural riches of Uttarakhand. Another example is the famous Baijnath Temple that is built in the signature Nagara style, with the curvilinear spire. Built by the Katyuri rulers, the sculptures, as well as the architectural details, represent ornate patterns of that time. The temple, like many others of the time, has a pancharatha plan. 

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