Spread across a lush green landscape dotted with imperial bungalows that exude colonial charm, Jorhat, the second-largest city of Assam, is an eclectic mix of cultures, diverse tribal communities, vibrant festivals and bustling markets. A major hub for exquisite Assamese jewellery, Jorhat has several renowned craftsmen who have been practicing their art for generations. The city is popular for pure gold jewellery made in Ahom (Assamese) style, and is a little dull in its shine. The gold jewellery is filled with lac, in which gemstones are embedded with the help of gold leaf.

Not just jewellery, Jorhat has been one of oldest and the most important centres of commerce and trade in Assam. It was the capital of the powerful Ahom dynasty (1228-1826). Jorhat was built around two major markets, the Chowkihat and Macharhat, which came up on the banks of the pristine Bhogdoi river that flows through the city. In fact, 'jor' or 'jora', in Assamese means two and 'haat' means a market.

Jorhat also boasts some of the most spectacular tea gardens in the state that are sprawled across vast expanses. With the distinctive aroma of tea in the air, one can stroll through breathtaking lush greenery and enjoy the serenity of the beautiful gardens.

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